what is bircher muesli?


Similar to traditional muesli, Bircher Muesli is a perfect breakfast choice to help keep you feeling full and energised all day long. Consisting of rolled oats, milk, apple and lemon juice, honey, cinnamon, grated apples, dried fruits, berries and toasted coconut, Bircher Muesli is great for combining with yoghurt.


For many of us, deciding on breakfast can be difficult, especially given the wide choice offered to us in the supermarkets. Packed full of vital nutrients and vitamins, Bircher muesli is a healthier breakfast alternative to other leading brands. A convenient combination of protein, vitamins and nutrients, Bircher muesli is your daily source of fiber and does not require any preparation. A quick, simple and healthy breakfast choice!


The History



Developed in the 1990s, Bircher muesli was first introduced by a Swiss physician called Maximilian Bircher-Benner to help give his patients a healthier breakfast choice when in hospital. His idea was to provide a nutritious breakfast that would help aid therapy. He suggested that a plant based diet was much healthier than a meat based diet, therefore creating a combination of cereal, fruit, and oatmeal grains. Still a popular brand worldwide, his delicious recipe is enjoyed each morning.


The Benefits


Bircher muesli is a cereal that has been enjoyed for many years, both by adults and children all over the world. Perfect as a morning meal or as a snack, Bircher muesli is both nutritious, simple and requires little preparation. Perfect for those who want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle but are working against a busy schedule, eating muesli is a great way of equipping your body with all the vital nutrients with little effort.


Fuelling your body with essential minerals, fats and vitamins from the dried fruits, nuts and seeds, Bircher muesli helps to give you a daily dose of fiber and is a rich source of protein. It helps to give you instant energy throughout the day, with no cooking required! Combining with milk and yoghurt also helps children to receive their daily intake of calcium for healthy teeth and bones.

Some recipes may require to be soaked overnight, however it provides the opportunity to adapt your breakfast to the way you like it. Topping with a crunchy treat of seeds or nuts, or adding a hint of sweetness with berries or blueberries, there are many ways you can enjoy your Bircher muesli.


What exactly is it made of?


Muesli is made of oats. All oats start off as oat groats — the whole, unbroken grains. Before being processed into any other variety of oat, groats are usually roasted at a very low temperature. This does 2 very important things to the oats: first, it gives them their toasty flavor. Second, the heat deactivates the enzyme that causes oats to go bad.

Watch this video for more in depth understanding of the difference between rolled oats, steel cut oats and instant oats. https://youtu.be/Ezqi-2fnmJM


What is the difference between muesli and granola?


They have similar ingredients (grains, nuts, seeds and fruits), but granola is crunchier and includes syrup which could be in form of honey or natural syrup. Many granola types are baked in the oven.

Muesli and granola can come loaded with preservatives and added; hence we recommend everyone to read the ingredient label.

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