the benefits of muesli ingredients


Doctor Maximilian Bircher-Benner believed that muesli ingredients have great benefits for his patients. That's why in back in 1900's, he introduced this ,back then, new diet to his patients that included fresh fruits, fibers and vegetables. He believed that this was a very important aspect for a successful therapy. From here came the name of the original form of Muesli - "Bircher Muesli" which can be found on our store.
There are multiple muesli benefits when added into your diet. With less sugars, calories and carbohydrates, muesli is great for those who like to adapt and tailor their meals or even snacks.
Usually made up with oats, dried fruit, nuts and flakes, muesli is high in fiber, helping regulate the digestive track, as well as aid in weight loss. By adding fruits or nuts as a delicious topping, you can also nourish your body with all the vital nutrients it needs to function.
As an ideal breakfast, we have listed each of the benefits of adding muesli to your diet:

weight loss & diet

Here is the good news!. For those who are trying to lose weight,  muesli is known for helping losing weight. So by adding muesli to your diet, you will stay fuller for longer. Consequently, it will prevent you from snacking or overeating during the day. Moreover, muesli is packed with vital nutrients, as well as being a convenient option.  
Unlike most of our local supermarket shelves packed with sugary and unhealthy cereal options, our muesli offers a healthier alternative to other brands as it is 100% natural with no preservatives and no refined sugar.


energy boost

Consumed at breakfast, which is known as the most important meal of the day, muesli has great benefits of fuelling your body with everything it needs to function throughout the day. Muesli is also energy dense and helps to give your body an instant boost. 
powerful Source of Nutrients
As we mentioned earlier, muesli has a powerful combination of multiple nutrients. It contains no trans-fats and is a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also help to provide your body with a daily dose of fibers and can be topped with fruits or nuts for an extra nutritional value to help nourish your body with everything it needs.


With most of us maintaining a busy schedule, breakfast is a meal that is commonly missed. Due to lack of inspiration or time, breakfast is often not on the agenda of a busy schedule. However, muesli is a convenient combination of nutrients, which requires little or no preparation. Simply add milk or yoghurt, and it is ready. As a dry breakfast option, it can also be stored in a container and enjoyed at on your morning commute or at work. 

impact on health and disease prevention

A recent nutritional health article by Dr Carrie Ruxton in Complete Nutrition has suggested that the ingredients present in Muesli offer significant health benefits when consumed as part of a healthy diet. The paper “Is Muesli a Healthy Breakfast Choice?” is based on Dr Ruxton’s nutritional analysis on four breakfast products. It sheds light on muesli’s key ingredients including oats, grains, dried fruits, nuts and seeds which have all been linked to health benefits including improved heart health.[1]
Prior research has shown that the following ingredients are effective in benefiting key areas of human health:
  • Daily consumption of nuts helps to reduce mortality risks by 20%[2]

  • Nuts have shown to aid in diabetes management[3]

  • Seeds are beneficial in reducing risk of cancer and also boost iron[4]

  • Wheat bran has two permitted health claims relating to fecal bulk and faster intestinal transit

  • Eating dried fruit regularly has been consistently linked to lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol and maintaining healthy glucose levels [5]

Ingredients of Muesli and their benefits

So know that we know the importance of grain intake on our health, let’s dig deeper into some of the ingredients that are commonly mixed with muesli. Below is a list of some of the most popular muesli ingredients and their impact on health:


Nuts For Blood Sugar Levels

It was found that eating nuts just once a week reduced mortality risk by 11% whilst consuming the ingredient daily reduced it by 20%. Previous research showed that incorporating tree nuts, in particular, into your diet may prove to help manage onset and symptoms of type 2 diabetes.
Results show that nuts may improve blood sugar levels and blood lipid levels in individuals with non-insulin dependent diabetes type 2 diabetes.[6]


Seeds For A Healthier Heart

Furthermore, according to vitro studies, seeds, rich in phenolic compounds, have the nutritional power to benefit heart health and lower blood cancer risk.3 What’s more, Dr Ruxton’s article found that all of Dorset Cereals’ tested as a ‘source of’ iron which is another benefit of the seeds and dried fruit present in muesli.This might be useful to consider given that in the UK four in ten girls consume too little iron according to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey. [7]


Wheat Bran For Healthy Bowels

Another ingredient suggested as being beneficial to human health is wheat bran which is useful for maintaining a healthy bowel. The insoluble nature of wheat bran fibre has been linked with a lower risk of colon cancer as fermentation takes place along the length of the colon including the area where the majority of colon cancer occurs.6


Dried Fruits For Lower Blood Pressure

Other health advantages emphasized in the paper include the consumption of dried fruit as this has been associated with lowered blood pressure.5
Overall the ingredients of muesli seem to offer important health benefits and could be used as a tool as part of a balanced diet to help keep us healthy.



The article by Dr Carrie Ruxton is published in the 8th May issue of Complete Nutrition. Dr Ruxton is an award-winning dietitian and health writer. She holds a PhD on Child Nutrition and has published over 100 articles on diet and health. Dr Ruxton is a regular print media commentator and has several TV credits including Honey We’re Killing the Kids, Rip Off Britain, Food Unwrapped, Market Kitchen and ITV and Sky news.


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