our story

"We think it's time for food lovers to get excited about breakfast again. Not just any brekkie, a healthy one that you can make your own way - one that makes you feel good. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day.

We want to be the best muesli store in the region - One that's big on health, but never compromises taste, one that understands that brekkie is a seasonal thing, a place that gives you personalised muesli creations."

We, the founders at mix&muesli, are huge muesli fans and decided to quit corporate life in the UAE to pursue a passion in healthy breakfast making!

We were inspired by a chance to deliver tailor-made goodness. We found it hard to find a pre-packaged muesli that was just right – it was always missing something or included an ingredient they didn’t particularly like. Everybody is different, and we wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy their perfect brekkie every day, by creating their own custom muesli. It’s great for families who argue about which cereal to buy – now everyone can create their own, with their name on it, and get it delivered as often as you like.

Here at mix&muesli, we firmly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and a healthy breakfast should be accessible to all. However, when people try and make healthy choices, they are unaware that most foods, including kids cereals, contain processed sugar and preservatives. We wanted to create a way for consumers to choose 100% natural ingredients, with no chemicals, for a healthier muesli.