How To Choose A Healthy Breakfast For Your Kids

Starting the day right only requires a nutrient rich breakfast. Having a good breakfast can make a difference in how we function throughout the day. Especially in children, during long and intense days in the classroom as well as moving around, breakfast is particularly important. With most of the supermarket shelves being full of sugary cereals with colourful packaging, it can be hard to deteriorate our children to a piece of fruit or nutritious breakfast.


Why Should We Eat Breakfast?

We have talked before about the importance of healthy breakfast. Eating breakfast helps to refuel and nourish the body ready for the day ahead. Research has shown that children who eat a healthy and balanced breakfast everyday tend to be healthier. Skipping breakfast can lead to feeling tired, restless and irritable, making a long day at school particularly difficult.
During our sleep, we are going without food for around 8 to 12 hours. By skipping breakfast and waiting until lunch can usually lead to a calorie filled breakfast, due to our bodies going without food for a long period of time. Eating breakfast also helps to kick start your metabolism, aiding in weight-loss and helping to keep your child's weight in check.

Brain Power

Finding a breakfast which is rich in fiber, calcium and many other nutrients can be crucial to helping them function throughout the day. Helping to boost your child's attention span, concentration and memory, all factors needed during a long day at school. For children that eat breakfast, research has shown that they have lower cholesterol levels and have fewer absences from school. To avoid those hunger pains during a long day, make sure your are finding breakfast options high in fiber that can help keep them fuller for longer

How To Encourage The Healthier Option

Although there are plenty of benefits from your children eating breakfast, actually encouraging them to sit down and eat it can be a different matter. Especially for those with hectic schedules, as well as morning traffic for the school commute, making delicious and fresh breakfasts is sometimes not an option.
Here are some helpful tips to help encourage a healthy start to their day:
  • Fill your cupboards only with healthy options

  • Try getting up a little earlier to have some extra time to make a healthy and filling breakfast

  • Get the children involved prepping and preparing the food

  • Have alternatives if running late, pieces of fruit or healthy low sugar cereal bars

  • Prepare breakfast the night before. Try overnight oats or chia seed pudding.