How can I maintain my weight during Ramadan ?

As we enter the month of Ramadan, Muslims across the world are fasting from dawn to sunset. Many people tend to over eat once they break their fasting and of course it affects negatively their weight.

So to help those who are currently fasting to maintain their weight and avoid excessive weight gain we have listed together some helpful tips for you to follow to maintain your health throughout the month of Ramadan.

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Eat Dates

Dates can help to give our bodies a burst of energy, which can be needed after a hot summer day whilst fasting. They are high in fibers, natural sugars, and magnesium and have so many health benefits. 



Why do we gain Weight During Ramadan?

Of course after a day of eating nothing, many of us want to tuck into unhealthy foods to fulfill our cravings. During Ramadan it is important to maintain your weight by eating healthier foods to help nourish your body with all of the vital vitamins and nutrients. Moderation is key, of course enjoy some of your favourite treats, but try to replenish the body first.

Begin with a Bowl of Soup

To help introduce your stomach and digestion with food sources, why not try beginning with either a lentil or vegetable soup. Consuming large portions after fasting can cause us to feel unwell or sick. Avoid creamy soups due to saturated fats and look out for the sugar content.

Increase your Vegetable Intake

To maintain your weight during this month of Ramadan, try to increase your vegetable intake. Try adding leafy greens to your meals or try eating salads or cooked vegetables.

Fuel your Body with simple Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are a great source of energy, fiber and can keep you feeling fuller for longer. Although when consumed in large quantities can cause weight gain, try swapping for whole grains and wheat pasta. Brown rice and quinoa is a great source of fiber and can help you feeling fuller for longer.

Sweets and Sugars: Not the best idea!

After a long day, our first craving is usually for some sweet. People head to indulge in sugary treats and unhealthy fats. Although there is no need to deprive yourself of your favourite sweet treats, try to avoid having them everyday. Why not treat opting for healthier snacks such as a fruit based smoothie or a bowl of muesli which you can order here with low fat yoghurt. Increasing your fruit intake can also help to avoid constipation.

Listen to Your Body

The key to maintain a good weight is to listen to what your body is telling you. Avoid overeating as this can cause some digestive problems and promote weight gain as well. Check out this article about eating until 80% full Enjoy your food by eating slowly and ensuring you are chewing each mouthful. Enjoy each of the flavours and textures and stop once you are full.

Drink Plenty of Water

When it comes to weight management especially in general to avoid, as much as we can, drinking sugary drinks, soft drinks and juices as this can increase weight gain. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, especially when enduring these hot temperatures. If you wish to have a juice limit your serving to 250 ml and make sure it's fresh juice with no added sugar to it! 

Suhoor Tips

Suhoor is a very important meal. Some people prefer to have an early Suhoor, others like to wake up and enjoy this tradition. Your Suhoor should consist of plenty of proteins and slow energy release carbs: a bowl Of muesli with some yogurt or milk is a great idea or alternatively eggs on a brown bread. Check out our special Suhoor mix filled with protein-rich grains, more than 40% of nuts and dried fruits and tailor-made to release energy slowly throughout the day.