3 healthy muesli desserts

We thought it would be great to start our recipe blog with the sweet tooth. We are sharing with you 3 delicious dessert muesli recipes which are very easy, yummy yet healthy:

Muesli Parfait: Perfect for snack or a dessert after dinner


1- 1 cup of your choice of muesli ( our recommendation is our energy booster mix or hunger buster base)

2- 1 ½ cup of yoghurt

3- 1-2 cups of fresh mixed berries

4- 1 table spoon of honey


1- In a glass cup start the layering process

2- First put a table spoon of muesli

3- Then add some mixed berries

4- Add yoghurt with a dash of honey to be the 3rd layer

5- Repeat the process till the cup is full

6- Sprinkle some muesli and fresh berries on the top and serve.




Muesli Smoothie: Quick and easy – Perfect for Kids


1- ¾ cup of muesli of your choice

2- 1-2 cups of milk or fresh juice of your choice

3- Fresh fruits ( our choice is strawberries, raspberries and banana)


1- Mix all ingredients into the blender and blend until you reach the desired consistency.

2- Pour the smoothie in a glass and sprinkle some muesli on top for a crunchy taste




Apple Muesli (Bircher Muesli): Perfect for a sweet breakfast


1- Medium sized Apple

2- 75 grams of small flakes oats or oat porridge

3- 125 ml of fresh apple juice

4- 1 pack of yoghurt

5- 1 teaspoon of honey

6- 1 dash of cinnamon


1- Grate the apple into a bowl

2- Add the oats and the dash of cinnamon

3- Stir well and leave it overnight in the fridge

4- Next morning stir again well and leave the mix to reach room temperature

5- Add yoghurt and honey on top and serve