Weights or Cardio? Which is best to meet your goals?


Starting a new fitness venture can be challenging, especially when there are so many different fitness opinions now available. After stocking your fridge full of healthy meals and snacks, the next step is to start your fitness journey.

Although starting a gym membership or downloading the latest fitness app is a great start, often we can be performing exercise what is adding no value or benefits to managing our weight or engaging weight loss.

One of the first questions many of us ask is whether we should be doing just cardio, weights or a mixture of the two. Whilst many of us believe cardio is the key to weight loss and weights is just for bulking, incorporating the two into your fitness regime allows the body to work harder, therefore create healthy and quicker results.

The Benefits of Cardio

Our bodies need cardio to help burn off more calories than what we eat in order to help us lose weight. If you fitness goal is to lose weight, then cardio is a great form of exercise to help shift pounds. Depending on your what your overall aim is, there is a variety of cardio exercises that are better suited to others.

High intensity training (HIT) is a great way of boost your body’s fat burning ability. By adding a 15 minute HIT session to your weekly workout can burn more fat than an hours walk. This type of training helps to raise your heart rate, therefore burning fat in less time than any other workout. 

The Benefits of Weights

Many women first trying out a new fitness routine avoid weights due to the stigma attached the resistance training. Many believe that weights will cause them to bulk and become too muscular. However, resistance training will continue to burn calories even after finishing your workout. They help to tone and strengthen the body, and focuses losing mainly fat from your body.

To create best weight loss and weight management results, try to add both cardio and weight training to your fitness regime. Cardio is a great way of removing fat from the body, but resistance training can help to tone and sculpt the body and continue to burn calories even after your workout has been completed.


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